Christmas Miracle Needed

December 23, 2021 Season 3 Episode 1
Christmas Miracle Needed
Show Notes

She needs your help.

Back in 1992 I met Janna Hoene.  She lives in Maui and and was deeply impacted by a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington.  She saw a name and make another visit. That was just the beginning.

Despite years of work there were thousands of photos of the fallen from the Vietnam War still missing.  In 2011 I visited her in Maui.  She decided that to find a way to get the photographs..

Thanks to Janna there are now only TWENTY FIVE Photographs needed to have a photo of every Veteran on The Wall....  She started a movement.

Here is her story.....Can You Assist??

Persistent, inspiring Janna finds the 42 | News, Sports, Jobs
https://www.lahainanews.com › columns › 2012/05/03
May 3, 2012 — LAHAINA - Some 50 years ago, 42 members of the armed forces from Maui lost their lives in the jungles of Vietnam.